Cancellation charge for Lunch option of 'Kyoto Walking Tour with Jikkokubune Boat Ride'

Online reservations are unchangeable once you have completed your reservation. A charge is necessary for cancellation by customer's own initiative. The cancellation charge is as stated below;
6+ days before the lunchfree ('Web reservation handling fee' is unrefundable)
2-5 days before the lunch20% of the lunch fee
the day before the lunch50% of the lunch fee
the lunch day or non-contact non-participation100% of the lunch fee
  • 'Web reservation handling fee' is unrefundable even when cancelled. The above mentioned 'the lunch fee' is not included 'Web reservation handling fee'.
  • Reporting cancellation is available through telephone or Email. Through Email, the sending time is regarded as the cancellation time.
  • After deducting cancellation charges and Web reservation handling fee, the balance is refunded to the paid credit card. The actual timing of refund to your bank account depends on the credit card company policy.
  • This tour is implemented according 'Standard Form Travel Agent Contract (jp)' Please save the form locally and see for details