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Online Reservation Terms and Conditions

 Please read the terms and conditions below and click on all the "I agree" check boxes.
Making a reservation by clicking on the "Agree and Continue" button and proceeding to the next step of entering your contact information is regarded as acceptance of the terms and conditions.

  • When you successfully complete your reservation, you will see a "Thank you" page on the website. Shortly afterwards you will receive a confirmation email with a voucher.
  • Check the email and print it out. You need to present the printed email with the voucher at the Jikkokubune boat pier to exchange the email and voucher for a boat ticket(s) on your departure date.
  • If the confirmation email is not delivered, please contact us by email at kyoryo@kyoto-tabi.or.jp.

Terms and Conditions

1.Payment Method

Reservations can be made online with a major credit card (Visa/MasterCard).
The total amount charged includes consumption tax.

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Online reservations are unchangeable once you have completed your reservation.
Passengers arriving late for the departure time are not guaranteed an alternative boat or any refund for any reason.
A charge is necessary for cancellation by customer's own initiative. The cancellation charge is as stated below;

cancellation datecancellation charge
11+ days before the tourfree ('Web reservation handling fee' is unrefundable)
8-10 days before the tour20% of the tour fee
2-7 days before the tour30% of the tour fee
the day before the tour40% of the tour fee
the tour day before the start of the tour50% of the tour fee
after the start of the tour or non-contact non-participation100% of the tour fee

'Web reservation handling fee' is unrefundable even when cancelled. The above mentioned 'the tour fee' is not included 'Web reservation handling fee'.
Reporting cancellation is available through telephone or Email. Through Email, the sending time is regarded as the cancellation time.
After deducting cancellation charges and Web reservation handling fee, the balance is refunded to the paid credit card. The actual timing of refund to your bank account depends on the credit card company policy.
This tour is implemented according 'Standard Form Travel Agent Contract'. Please save the form locally and see for details.

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3.Refund Policy

Jikkokubune boat ride could be suspended due to weather conditions or mechanical problems. In such event the full amount of the fare received will be refunded. (However, please note any other costs, such as travel or transportation, are not part of our refund.)
The refund will be made to your credit card account, but the refund may be the following month depending on the billing cycle and payment due date of your credit card company.

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4.Confirmation Email with Voucher

If a confirmation email is not delivered to you within a couple of hours after you have completed your reservation, please email us. (We apologize for the inconvenience, but we cannot respond to you over the phone in English as we have no English-speaking staff.)
There are many reasons why an email does not get delivered.
Sometimes mail may be in the 'bulk,' 'junk' or 'spam' of your email program, or it may be misclassified as email spoofing.

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5.Garbled Characters

The confirmation email may contain garbled text depending on the email program you are using.
In such an event please consult the support section of your email program or use an alternative email program.
In some cases garbled characters are caused by the mail server of your internet service provider.
Please note that we cannot resend the confirmation email.

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6.Check in advance that your boat will operate as scheduled

Jikkokubune boat ride may be suspended due to weather or mechanical problems.
In such event, a notification will be posted in the "Latest News" section of our website (http://kyoto-tabi.or.jp). Please check the latest information.
If you are unable to access the Internet, you can call us at +81-75-321-7696, but please remember that we have no English-speaking staff.
Please accept our apology if we cannot notify you in advance of any unavoidable circumstances.

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7.Boat Ticket

You need to bring your printed confirmation email with the voucher to the boat pier. You will need to exchange the email with the voucher for your boat ticket(s) no later than 20 minutes prior to your boat departure time. (If you are unable to print your confirmation email with a voucher, present your mobile phone displaying the email.)
A late arrival or no show results in automatic cancellation with no refund.

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8.Privacy Policy

We do not use your personal data for any purpose other than ensuring your reservation. See also our Privacy Policy.

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