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* VISA / Master cards are available.
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(Adult[12-]:×2,000JPY + Child[6-11]:×1,000JPY + Child[3-5]:×500JPY + Web.rsrv.hndl.fee:×110JPY)
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During busy, it may take up to 2 minutes to confirm payment.
After you press [Go:Complete Pymnt.],
Please wait until either "Completed" or "Error" info is displayed.
(If you press [Go:Complete Pymnt.] again without waiting,
it may cause a double payment.)

  • Make sure your card number, expiration date, and CSC have been correctly entered.
  • If the information entered is not accurate, a transaction error will occur, and you need to again make a reservation. In that event your reservation is not assured.
  • To avoid double reservations/charges, please click or tap on the “Complete Your Reservation” button ONLY ONCE!